Confirmed gang stalking snitches, perps and rats of North Mississippi

Seems that so many ” front line crash dummies” have enjoyed way to much anonymity. Therefor this will be the first of many list I will publish of known and confirmed community policing gang stalking criminals working for LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Germain Gathens District Manager Dollar General North Mississippi- sex and drug trafficking. Known to pick up underage boys in his company car and give them rides. Most end up at his house where his partner in crime is waiting. They drug and have sex with the boys. Stalker.

Darrell Cooper, Nettleton Mississippi and Dollar General Manager and is the sex trafficking roommate of Germaine Gathens. Stalker.

Courtland Tanner Vaughan, Okolona Mississippi. Stalker, confirmed working snitch. Operates in all elements of cyber and physical stalking. Satanic worship. Murder for hire. Law enforcement controlled perp stalker.

Stephanie Owens Jamison, Okolona Mississippi. stalker, snitch and sex trafficking. Elementary school teacher, Nettleton Mississippi. Courtland’s mother.

Myland Carter, Tupelo Mississippi, snitch, stalker confirmed. Was the lover of Stephanie when he was 17 and she 40.

Alissa Shell, Amory Mississippi. stalker and snitch. Courtland’s baby mama.

Jennifer Gasper, Amory Mississippi, stalker , snitch confirmed

Tanner Young, Amory Mississippi, stalker, snitch confirmed.

Lindsey Young, Amory Mississippi, stalker snitch confirmed

Brittany Ball, Amory Mississippi, stalker snitch confirmed

Brittany Jackson, Pontotoc Mississippi, stalker snitch confirmed.

Jake Jamison, Pontotoc Mississippi, sex trafficking, stalker and snitch confirmed.

Devin Bramlett , New Albany Mississippi, stalker and snitch confirmed.

Scotty Mask, Okolona Mississippi, snitch and stalker

Cody Ryan Coleman, Amory Mississippi, stalker and snitch confirmed.

Toby Reinhart, Smithville Mississippi, snitch, sex trafficking stalker confirmed.

B.J. Baily, Okolona Mississippi, child rapist, stalker and snitch.

Chris Minor, Shannon Mississippi, sex trafficking, stalker and snitch.

Gage Adair, Aberdeen Mississippi, sex trafficking snitch and stalker.

Bryan Edwards, Columbus Mississippi, sex trafficking, stalker and snitch.

Clair McBryde, Columbus Mississippi, sex trafficking, stalker and snitch.

Kirby Sykes, Okolona Mississippi, stalker and snitch.

This concludes the first of many comprehensive list of ” state actors” working as front line perpetrators of community policing aka gang stalking. Once a stalker always a stalker. Just like the victims, its for life until they kill you. They are controlled by local and state law enforcement. Keep in mind that each named stalker has a pack they closely associate with. Many of these stalkers have well over one hundred associates. That is correct, its a very very large and corrupt program. This is how law enforcement keeps jails and courts full. They manufacture crime and crime pays!


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