SMALL TOWN Gay Bar Tupelo Mississippi

Published by United States anti gang stalking association

Victims Advocate for those abused by corruption, Our mission is to EXPOSE the Exploiters and to offer support in helping victims get their lives back.

One thought on “SMALL TOWN Gay Bar Tupelo Mississippi

  1. Reblogged this on What is gang stalking? Who are the gang stalkers? All gang stalking is current and former police, military and intelligence agents in the community policing scheme, turning democracies into police states, all across the western world., and are one and the same site and commented:
    Richard Moore brings us the story of “Rumors” the only gay bar in North East Mississippi–a story of acceptance, and belonging–of terrorists like Fred Phelps picketing–and a story where only Richard Moore can fill in the dirty details, and read between the lines, bringing local history in his area to life!

    As one might expect, false christians of all kinds waged their terror on the LGBTQ-munity at the urging of Phelps and his un-godly flocks, and yet the bar survived due to the indomitable spirit of that community–the false christian Westboro Baptist was eventually beaten back into its internecine wormhole, and people began to ask all the right questions, like–Was Fred Phelps Gay?

    Read on dear reades, read on!


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