North Mississippi, Tupelo and New Albany a hub for Pervert Stalking

It’s been nearly 20 years of dealing with Corrupt law enforcement in North Mississippi. Organized community policing aka Gang Stalking is all the rage. This law enforcement ran Criminal organization is done under the guise of simply a neighborhood watch. What they aren’t telling you is they run a very sophisticated drug, child, sex and human trafficking enterprise.

The Sheriff of Lee county Mississippi, Jim Johnson and the sheriff of Union County Mississippi, Jimmy Edwards are now named in 3 separate Federal Lawsuits, two of which have trail dates next year. I have personally filed these cases and can back up EVERY SINGLE THING stated about these pathetic people. Abuse under the color of law, Civil and Constitutional rights violations just for starters. The EMA director of Union county Mississippi as well as the Fire Chief of Alpine Mississippi Volunteer fire department are named as well.

The operation is to destroy the target. That means it is intended for the target to die. The death will always be reported as self implosion. A little over 3 years ago I interviewed Childa and Fred Stevens of Okolona Mississippi. After hearing two hours of horrible nightmares that this senior citizen couple were going through, I voted to try to get them help. Less than two weeks later, Childa Stevens was murdered and Fred Stevens supposedly died from self inflicted knife wounds to his abdomen. I did make contact with the Sheriff of Chickasaw County, James Myer as well as the FBI field office in Oxford Mississippi. Warning them that these people were in danger and may be killed. My calls were ignored. After the double murder, I made those calls again, still got ignored. The story that was reported is a lie. The Corner, Michael Fowler is also a top leader in criminal stalking. Fowler broke into my home and stole evidence from a federal lawsuit against Chickasaw County. I lost after a two day trial. Fowler working hand in hand with then Deputy Jimmy Rappe ( Rape) targeted me in 2013. And it hasn’t stopped. Jimmy Rape has since been fired from the Sheriff’s Department due to the state charging him with child porn. I have personal knowledge of underage boys and girls raped by this deputy. He never did a day in jail. Because he is a Criminal pervert stalker working for the Sheriff, he simply got a job change. He runs a thriving lawn care business and the business community as well as the citizens are completely fine with a sex trafficking child rapest on their property doing lawn care and God only knows what else!

I was framed and sent to Federal prison by thier team members. That case will get more explanation as I will allow ROGS to do it justice.

When Jim Johnson ran for sheriff in the early 2000’s for Lee county Mississippi , I had a direct mail advertising publication company. Jim Johnson stiffed me and made his name a permanent criminal deadbeat. In December of 2020 I was arrested for publishing facts about one of their CBA’s and taken to Lee county jail and tourtoured. This is all laid out in my case against these criminal perverts.

Union County Mississippi has been relentless in tourtoring me. I have a well documented case where the sheriff, Jimmy Edwards sent contractor perp Courland Vaughan to my home with another perp to murder me. This can and will be proven due to the fact thier was an eye witness, Dr Astra Stanwyck watching bthe whole thing via my surveillance system. Everything is recorded. Mountains of physical evidence and samples are in hand. The message was very clear. Vaughan stated ” Sheriff Edwards is not happy about the court deal”.

The blue wall of corruption is thick. As they work to destroy me with lies and false charges they are auctually running interference for the other child rapest and drug trafficking Law enforcement mentioned above. They want the Stevens murder to stay the way it is, God forbid the truth ever get out.

They cling together to save many asses. The darling of North Mississippi is none other than V.M. Celevland, Tupelo furniture market owner. They green light his child sex and drug business and damn anyone who ever points this little fact out!

We can even talk about an 86 year old in Columbus Mississippi, Bill McBryde owner of cash and carry building supply. He uses his own daughter and her boyfriend to troll online for sex and drug hookups at local motels. They film the man on man or visa versa sex and have groups of perverts all over the country watching on the dark web. You would have had to been there to believe it. I was there. I was also at the home of V.M Celevland! Folks this stuff can’t be made up. Old white pervert men with power absolutely run things in the state of Mississippi.

Every day I deal with pervert stalking. My devices all compromised and my home broken into and multi attempts on my life have thus far gone ” un checked” . I founded North Mississippi and United States anti gang Stalking Association. I expose these people and I expose them relentlessly. They on the other hand run smear campaigns and threaten anyone that speaks to me or helps me in any way. The KuKlux Klan Stasi Cointelpro program is alive and well in Mississippi. My mission bis to expose them and live to see their lives destroyed like they have destroyed so many others. I intend on doing this via constitutional protected speech and our justice system.

I’m simply following in the footsteps of my deceased cousin, Charles Lee Moore. Charles Lee passed away in 2011. He was a New York Times best seller for his publication of his Photography of the Civil Rights movement in the Dirty South as a reporter for time magazine. On YouTube you can see his interview, I fight with my camera. Charles Lee was friends with Dr. Martin Luther king and it was his photos and journalism that opened the world’s eyes to the struggling black people in south south. We finally got the civil rights bill passed after 100 years of the abolishment of slavery. Nothing has changed and as a matter of fact it’s worse. It’s rebranded and the criminals are various races, this keeps the confusion where they want it.

So the elementary school teacher that happens to be the mother of my attempted murder stalker, Stephanie Jamison Owens and her serial child rapest brother Danny Owens are simply comfortable in the community. Danny runs a stalker boot camp program ” Celebrate Recovery” at a fake church in Okolona Mississippi while Stephanie teaches young children at Nettleton Mississippi elementary school. She not only is a know child rapest but a heavy meth user as well. Her arrest are not public, she works for the ” home office”. Law Enforcement absolutely green light crimes against humanity and they do in a big way.

Hopefully this sheds a bit of light on a major issue that seems to be a secret. No one wants the truth. No one will investigate because the truth teller is a target an enemy of the state! Stay tuned folks because vI haven’t even started to crank this shit show up, but the keys are in my hand.

In closing I want to give a big shout out to all the pervert stalkers in north Mississippi. If it weren’t for you continuing to obstruct justice I would not have had the motivation to go ahead and tell the rest of the world how pathetic you moron Criminals really are!

Published by United States anti gang stalking association

Victims Advocate for those abused by corruption, Our mission is to EXPOSE the Exploiters and to offer support in helping victims get their lives back.

15 thoughts on “North Mississippi, Tupelo and New Albany a hub for Pervert Stalking

    1. Her brother Danny Owens is the serial rapists. He did time for only one rape. The other rapes happened to a family members foster children. The DA said that he would get enough time in prison for the one and no one else needed to file a complaint. The Children must live with years of injustice. The truth of the matter here, CPS / MDPS Mississippi department of protective services has and will always been an important part in child trafficking. Especially in Mississippi. This involves Judges, District Attorneys , private attorneys, State Police ect. In a nutshell, ” It takes a Village to commit genocide and tourtore with No repercussions” in America. Danny Owens directs the faith based Celebrate Recovery program in a local church called Faith Outreach in Okolona Mississippi. That is also the home of Former Chickasaw County Deputy Jimmy Rape (Jimmy the Rape) who targeted me when I got out of prison. He was later fired and charged by the State for possession of Child porn. A month in a sex rehab, ( Tiger Woods) Hattiesburg MISSISSIPPI. and that was it. He is a serial rapists and has been for years, yet he isn’t a registered sex offender. One need to look no further that this church, it is a snap shot of this National culture of criminal Corruption that targets innocent people and ” quick fix thier sins ” onto others.


      1. Yeah, wow. You cover this stuff really well. I really think you should start a podcast, and get off of the gang stalking beat, and on to the corruption beat.

        You are about 75% on to real journalism, if you just polish it up. Podcasts are a hot item these days.

        So–when you cram all of these stories into a one hour format like you do, they come across as kind of half baked, because of some of your word choices, and religion and so on.

        But if you polish it up, and practice editing yourself, you have some really, really interesting information–the kind of stuff that could go viral, if you use real documents, and interviews.

        As for Jamison, I want to hear more about her as a pedophile–what is your evidence?

        Female pedophiles fly under the police radar–guess why?

        Yup–as you document, it’s because the cops that do this stuff are complicit–these types of women feed these kids into that pedo pipeline.


      2. My car needs serious rwprs before I can travel. I need 2000. and the things are going it will take. 2 years! On another note, seems like every person I bring up as culprits in my past are dropping dead. Judge Judy Posey, dead. Deputy Curtis Knight, dead. And my friend Bryan, murdered Killing Fields of Rose Hill.


      3. Wow. Yeah, life is tough. That’s why we write.

        The stories about the Killing Fields are quite interesting, and very real. All connected to land deals, and pensions, etc. Predatory state practices.

        ALL gang stalking boils down to that–I never thought I would live to see the end of democracy, but here we are.

        Can you copy-paste your GFM link into these comments so I can have it handy? I only have your last one.

        What did you do with the 5k that was raised from the last one?


      4. Got it.

        Right, I know the costs–the system is designed to drain you. It’s a stunning upside down reality, by design.

        Change comes slowly.

        I will be writing about Astra and he others, so keep an eye open. I also have been on your Quora, etc.

        One note: one of your Quora is asking me for a subscription, and I don’t subscribe to anything online, ever.

        As for Reddit, they are trying to get me to DL their APP, otherwise I can only make two comments, and then I get their infamous error message.

        So–I am trying to work with you on all of this–its a real time consumer.


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